Widening Participation

One of the long term goals of our projects is to reach more schools traditionally under-served by STEM outreach activities. The Aspires project, from King’s College London has shown that science capital is a key factor in terms of students … Continue reading

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Farming Zone – Project Wrangler required

As part of this year’s activity we are running a non-school zone similar to our Learning Zone – just with farmers instead of teachers. We are looking to run the zone in November and we now need to recruit someone to … Continue reading

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Demand vs. Capacity for I’m a Scientist and I’m an Engineer Ireland

In the I’m a Scientist Ireland project pilot in 2012 we ran three zones, since then we have run four zones every year. While we were under capacity in the pilot, the demand for the activity from teachers has remained … Continue reading

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“Being able to reflect on my choices with you has been pretty inspirational!”

After every event we ask the zone winners to write a short blog post to be sent to all the students in who took part in the zone. It’s a great way for the scientists to reflect on the previous … Continue reading

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November 2014 Event Evaluation Report

In November 2014 we ran I’m a Scientist in Ireland for the third time, and we run our first I’m an Engineer event in Ireland. We ran four I’m a Scientist and two I’m an Engineer zones. Two of the I’m a Scientist zones were themed … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding confusion

The funding for this project comes in part from the Science Foundation Ireland and the other half comes from elsewhere. We’ve got funding from the Wellcome Trust, the European Society for Evolutionary Biology and the Royal Society for Chemistry. Traditionally … Continue reading

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What Paul Higgins did with his prize money…

Paul won the Space Zone in November 2012, find out how he spent his winnings: I participated in the Space Zone of the 2012 Irish I’m A Scientist contest while finishing off my PhD. I was both surprised and elated … Continue reading

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