Student Impact: Evaluating the I’m a Scientist experience

In November 2021, we conducted a summative evaluation of our I’m a Scientist activities in Ireland.

Read the full report [PDF] ❯

Dr Jen DeWitt, an Associate Senior Research Fellow on the core Science Capital team, has conducted and evaluation of I’m a Scientist to see how the experience might support students’ science capital.

The research consisted of student surveys, teacher interviews and analysis of Chat transcripts. Read about why we took this approach.

This evaluation found evidence that I’m a Scientist supports science capital among participating students in Ireland.

  • Providing the opportunity to ask about science content, it contributes to science literacy (Dimension 1)
  • Students can ask questions of interest to them personally, which can enhance science-related attitudes and values, helping students to see science as relevant to their everyday lives (Dimension 2)
  • When students ask about qualifications, participation may improve their knowledge of the transferability of science (Dimension 3)
  • Most importantly, students receive the opportunity to get to know scientists (Dimension 7) – about the paths they took to their current work, about a range of aspects of their work and about their lives outside of work

Read the full report [PDF] ❯

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