I’m a Scientist and I’m an Engineer – 2015 Report

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In 2015, we ran six zones: Three I’m a Scientist themed zones (Nanoscience, Drug Synthesis and Food Science), one I’m a Scientist general zone (Nitrogen Zone) with a mix of scientists from different areas, one I’m an Engineer themed zone around computing (Boole Zone) and one general engineering zone (Metre Zone).

Our key findings in 2015:

  • We have improved I’m an Engineer audience numbers since last year. In 2014 we ran I’m an Engineer for the first time in Ireland and we got an average of 208 students logged in per zone. In 2015, we have even exceeded our target of 330 students per zone, with 377 students in the Boole Zone, and 350 in the Metre Zone.
  • We have improved the diversity of the scientists and engineers taking part. 10% of the participants were from a black or minority ethnic background, and we got a perfect gender balance in both I’m a Scientist and I’m an Engineer.
  • 90% of students think they know more about the skills required to be an engineer, the type of people who work as engineers, and engineers’ role in society after taking part in I’m an Engineer.

Download the full report here (PDF).

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