“Being able to reflect on my choices with you has been pretty inspirational!”

After every event we ask the zone winners to write a short blog post to be sent to all the students in who took part in the zone. It’s a great way for the scientists to reflect on the previous two weeks and thank all the students for voting for them.

Let’s take a look the winners from I’m a Scientist Ireland 2015 had to say…

Sinead, Drug Synthesis Zone

I didn’t realise at the time I signed up just how much I would be waiting in expectation of the next chat, or for new questions to appear in the ASK section. Talking about science with you guys, on your terms and with your questions, was enjoyable and an honour. Being able to share my love of science with you filled me with a sense of pride and really reminded me what science is for: to learn and to pass on your knowledge.

Not just questions about science either, I was happy to answer questions about my own experiences of being a scientist and about what it means to me; honestly, it was the first time I had ever really thought about those questions, and being able to reflect on my choices with you has been pretty inspirational! I think you students, with your honest curiosity, humour, and enthusiasm were really what made the event something to remember.

Emma, Food Science Zone

Who would have thought that being asked questions on a screen could make you literally laugh out loud? But it did! (Much to the disturbance of my office-mates).

The questions you asked were brilliant. Some were a bit odd! But most of them were really thought-provoking. Like, how DOES a cow make milk? Or, how can cheese made with moulds be good for us? You certainly got me thinking.

Claire, Nanoscience Zone

I was expecting questions from students of course but I didn’t think they would be so insightful as to make me stop and think about why I like being a scientist and the challenges that I face on a daily bases.The live chats were hectic but this was only a sign that you guys were really interested in what we scientists do and that was our aim!

Uday, Nitrogen Zone

All of the sessions were fascinating… I remember the saying “Children find everything in nothing; men find nothing in everything.” Interacting with these kids and answering their questions made me to understand about myself and my communication skills. When a few kids asked me “How laser works” I was in dilemma. Even though I work with lasers I paused for a moment before answering to think easiest way to make them understand.

Thanks a million.

If you want to share your love of science… Or want to literally laugh out loud… Or just want to learn how cows make milk…

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