November 2014 Event Evaluation Report

Click to download the full report

Click to download the full report

In November 2014 we ran I’m a Scientist in Ireland for the third time, and we run our first I’m an Engineer event in Ireland. We ran four I’m a Scientist and two I’m an Engineer zones. Two of the I’m a Scientist zones were themed (Evolution and Sustainability) and two of them were general (Boron and Beryllium). One of the I’m an Engineer zones was themed (Energy) and the other one was general (Kelvin).

This report looks at how the event went. Our key findings were:

  • Students are inspired to learn more about science and get interested in science related jobs
  • Students understand what engineers do and what engineering is all about
  • Scientists and engineers consider they have improved their communication skills
  • Scientists and engineers get enthused about public engagement and want to do more of it after taking part

Download the report here.

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