What Mark Kennedy did with his prize money…

Mark was voted the winner of Oxygen Zone in November 2016. Here he tells us how he made use of his €500 to support his outreach activities.

If you’d like the chance to win funding to develop your own public engagement ideas, apply for the next I’m a Scientist Ireland at imascientist.ie/scientist-apply

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What Eileen Diskin did with her prize money…

Eileen was voted the winner of the Hydrogen Zone in 2012. Here she reports back on the science engagement competition she set up using her €500 prize money.

If you’d like the chance to get funding to develop your own outreach ideas, apply for the next I’m a Scientist competition at imascientist.ie/scientist-apply

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Widening Participation

One of the long term goals of our projects is to reach more schools traditionally under-served by STEM outreach activities.

The Aspires project, from King’s College London has shown that science capital is a key factor in terms of students aspiring to science and STEM careers. Science capital refers to knowledge about science and how it works, interest, understanding, and contacts (knowing somebody who works in science). Continue reading

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November 2016 Winner Blogs

After every event we ask the winning scientists to write a short blog to be sent to all the students in who took part in the zone. It’s a great way for the scientists to reflect on the previous two weeks and thank all the students for voting for them.

Let’s take a look at what the November Winners had to say…

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What Uday Bangavadi did with his prize money…

Uday was voted the winner of the Nitrogen Zone in November 2015. He started making use of his prize money straight away and here he reports back on what he’s been able to do over the last year…

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What James Sullivan did with his prize money…

James won the Sustainability Zone in November 2014 and here reports back on how the prize money was used for science communication. We used the I’m a Scientist funding on various open day and open evening events hosted by the UCD school of chemistry. These included dedicated chemistry events, general science undergraduate and postgraduates events and overall university events. The money was spent on printing periodic tables for distribution to visiting students and also in organizing guided tours of the school’s undergraduate and postgraduate facilities which were facilitated by PhD students in the school. The school has an active outreach programme that includes participation in university and college events as well as organising events of our own. We also visit a large number of primary and secondary schools and also actively organize for visits of secondary school students on internships.

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What Shane McGuinness did with his prize money…

Shane won the Helium Zone in 2013. Here he reports back on what he’s been able to do with his €500 prize money… Partaking in the I’m A Scientist Get Me Out Here competition during the Autumn of 2013 was an exhilarating experience to say the least. During that period, I found myself warrened away in a darken library, attempting to write up my PhD. The IAS competition was exactly what I needed to frame the “why” of all my hard-worn successes (and failures) of the PhD process. My goal for the past decade has been to inspire younger generations in the wonders of the world; its biological wonders, its chemical complexities and its physical enigmas. IAS provided exactly that outlet and, as the below use of my prize money attests to, has resulted in my being firmly embedded in science education for Ireland. Although at times quite frantic (especially the live chats … Continue reading

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Farming Zone – Project Wrangler required

As part of this year’s activity we are running a non-school zone similar to our Learning Zone – just with farmers instead of teachers. We are looking to run the zone in November and we now need to recruit someone to run the project with us. Ideally we’ll find someone who understands the research in the area and knows the irish farming community. We have a full job specification. It’s could be a full time role or something part-time depending on the applicant. Please get in touch via email or on the phone – +44 1225 326892 – if you are interested.  

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Demand vs. Capacity for I’m a Scientist and I’m an Engineer Ireland

In the I’m a Scientist Ireland project pilot in 2012 we ran three zones, since then we have run four zones every year. While we were under capacity in the pilot, the demand for the activity from teachers has remained relatively consistent and looks to be increasing. Assuming the trend carries on, we would easily be able to run a fifth or even sixth zone in November this year. The story in I’m an Engineer is a little different. For the past couple of years we have run two I’m an Engineer events each year; one with the I’m a Scientist event in November, and one in February to coincide with Engineers Week Ireland. In the first year, we saw teachers favouring the November event albeit only slightly, in 2015/16 though we saw a huge shift towards February, with demand being almost twice what was expected. The increased demand is too big to come only … Continue reading

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